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  • Revolutionary Emergency Pendants for the Elderly

    By SureSafe Medical Alerts

    Most individuals are familiar with the classic commercial where the elderly person is saying “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” This is one of the worst fears for any senior member of society that is living at home on their own or with their family members because help may not be right around the corner. What is significant about this commercial and many others like it today is that they are speaking into a base station near the phone. The problem is that society is getting increasingly mobile and the majority of accidents don’t happen next to a phone.

    When you are looking at medical alert systems for yourself or a loved one it is important to ensure that they have the best possible protection no matter where they are in the house or even the yard. This is why technology has created the pendant that acts as a mobile phone for two way communication instead of using the base station. This means that if you activate your emergency watch or necklace then you will have someone directly on the other side that can hear you and get help for you immediately.

    Time is of the essence when it comes to successfully recovering from accidents and the older you get the more critical this factor becomes. You can go online and research medical alert systems to find two different options that will work within any budget and lifestyle. Users can choose the traditional route where there alert is connected to a dispatch center that will call 911 for help so you pay a monthly payment for this service. The other option is ideal for those that can’t afford the monthly fee so they only have a one-time cost for the equipment and their alert is programmed to at least four numbers of their choice. When it is activated then it starts calling the first number on the list and continues until it reaches someone on the list.

    Technology has revolutionized many areas in society and safety for seniors is no different with the ability to go anywhere in their home and know that they can have emergency access all the time. Go online and check out the medical alert systems for seniors today so that you and your family can have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

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