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  • Medical Alert Devices – The Non-monitored Option

    By SureSafe Medical Alerts

    When people think of medical alert devices in the United States then they normally think of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” adverts. These adverts became part of ‘pop culture’ in the 1980’s and really raised the profile of medical alert devices and the excellent role they play in helping senior Americans stay in their own home, longer and safer.

    The US medical alert device market is dominated by a few big companies that sell medical alert systems that are linked to central monitoring stations. When buying one of these alarms you generally receive a pendant and alarm unit free of charge and are then required to pay a monthly monitoring fee every month for as long as you need the alarm. The average monthly monitoring fee is around $30-35, so each and every year you will need to pay $360-420. If you use the alarm for 5 years you could be paying upwards of $2,000!

    With many senior Americans being on a fixed income and not having $400 per year, every year, to spare, is there an alternative solutions?

    Yes! Non-monitored medical alert systems have no ongoing monthly fees as they are preprogrammed to dial the telephone numbers of family and friends in the event of an emergency. You no longer need to worry about expensive ongoing monthly fees with a medical alert system that is affordable for all.

    Who might need a non-monitored medical alert device?

    Anyone can benefit from using a non-monitored version. We would highlight the following groups as having particular use for the systems:

    • Individuals that do not require the level of protection a monitored alarm offers,
    • Individuals that are not comfortable with a system where calls are answered by a stranger,
    • Individuals that do not have English as their first language,
    • Carers of people needing support at home, giving them the confidence and peace of mind to leave the home for a few hours
    • Individuals that simply cannot afford monthly service fees

    What are the benefits of a non-monitored medical alert device?

    • One low upfront cost. Affordability for all
    • No monthly fees or monitoring fees
    • Easy set-up. Simply plug in and away you go
    • Reach friends and family immediately in an emergency
    • Can be programmed to dial 911 in an emergency

    Where can I get the best non-monitored medical alert device?

    SureSafe Medical Alerts offers the best range of medical alerts for seniors on the market. Please check out our shop for more details. Products include:

    Please feel free to contact one of the team if you have any questions.

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