Suresafe Medical Alert - Personal Emergency Call System
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  • How the alarm works


    In an Emergency
    Press the Alarm Button

    In an Emergency Press the Alarm Button

    The SureSafe unit will dial your
    Choosen Emergency Numbers

    The SureSafe unit will dial your Chosen Emergency Numbers

    The Call is Received by a
    Family Member or Friend

    The Call is Received by a Family Member or Friend
    If you have questions on medical alerts, we have answers!

    What numbers can I program my new medical alert device from SureSafe to call?

    The FreedomAlert and the SureSafe Medical Alert can be programmed to dial any numbers – including cell phones. The Guardian Alert is pre-programmed to dial 911 only.

    Do your medical alerts comply with all US regulations?

    Yes – all our products are compliant with relevant US regulations.

    How many pendants do I get with my medical alert device?

    - The SureSafe Medical Alert system comes complete with 2 necklace style pendants. - The Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert systems each come with 1 pendant. - Additional pendants can be purchased for all models in our Store.

    How many telephone numbers can you program into your medical alerts?

    - The SureSafe Medical Alert can have up to 3 numbers programmed in. - The Guardian Alert 911 is pre-programmed to dial 911 only - The FreedomAlert can be programmed with 4 numbers plus 911 as a back-up.

    Can I use the pendant in the shower or bath?

    Yes, in fact we recommend you wear them in the bathroom as 80% of falls happen there or in the bedroom.

    What if my first programmed contact number does not answer?

    - Smart technology means that if the first number doesn't answer then the SureSafe Medical Alert and FreedomAlert products will automatically move on to the next number in the sequence. Same again if the second number doesn't answer... and so on. - The Guardian Alert 911 will only dial 911.

    What happens if a number dialed goes to voicemail?

    - Smart technology tells the medical alert that the call has not been answered by a real person and it moves onto the next stored number. - The 911 functions on the Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert models do not require operator acknowledgement.

    How far away from the base unit does the pendant work?

    - The SureSafe Medical Alert - 150 ft. - The Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert models - 600 ft. - Please test the pendant range in your property after purchase.

    Can I speak to the person at the other end of the emergency call?

    Yes, all our products have two-way communication capability. - The SureSafe Medical Alert - via the base unit (20ft range). - The Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert models allow two-way communication directly through the pendant, from wherever you are in your home and yard (600 ft. range).

    What if I can’t speak when I activate the alarm? How will the person know it is me?

    - The SureSafe Medical Alert allows you to record a 6 second message for exactly this scenario. The message should identify who you are and that this is an emergency call. - As the Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert models have two-way voice communication through the pendant and Caller ID display you do not need to worry about being away from the base unit.

    What warranty do your medical alerts come with?

    12 month limited warranties. Please contact us for more details.

    Will there be any ongoing monthly fees?

    No. Non-monitored medical alerts have no ongoing monthly or annual fees. After you buy the alarm there are no more costs associated.

    Do the alarms send a text or SMS?

    No - it is a voice only system. It does not send any text alerts.

    How easy is it to use?

    Each alarm comes with simple to follow instructions and are very easy to use.

    I want one. What do I need at home so that I can use it?

    A standard telephone line, access to a power socket... and that's it! Everything else comes included. The Guardian Alert 911 and FreedomAlert models may require a DSL filter available at most electronics outlets if your home has DSL service.

    How easy to activate is the pendant?

    Very easy. It is touch sensitive, designed for this type of use.

    What if there is a power cut at home?

    All our medical alerts have an option for battery back-ups that will allow the unit to continue to operate for at least 24 hours in the event of a power cut.