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    By SureSafe Medical Alerts

    Panic and medical alarms are usually promoted for the elderly and senior population for very good reasons. As individuals get older they are more prone to accidents and need an easy way to get help during an emergency situation. However, this is not the only scenario to consider when looking for medical alert systems.

    In fact, if you have a patient who just got out of surgery and will be home-bound for a long period of time or someone with a permanent medical condition where mobility may be difficult then these medical alarms are the ideal solution. They can be easily worn around the neck or wrist and only require the push of a button to notify someone of an emergency.

    Alert systems that are not linked to a monitoring station and have no monthly fee would be the preferred option for short term use because they can be purchased, used as necessary and then set aside for later use as needed. The goal of a medical or panic alarm is to identify that something untoward has happened and medical help is needed which means that it doesn’t just apply to seniors only. Anyone with a health condition can benefit from this resource no matter what their age or issue might be because all they have to do is push a button. The two-way communicator ensures that the person on the other end can ask questions and find out what is going on so they can get help on the way immediately for the individual. These alarms also provide peace of mind to family members who may not have the ability to be at home all the time but don’t want the patient to feel alone in the case of an accident or fire. You can also elect to have panic alarms stationed throughout the home just in case they aren’t wearing the accessory but still need access.

    Seniors are a special group of people that need to be independent and taken care of at the same time but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use this vital resource for other situations as needed. The medical alarm gives you the ability to personalize and customize it to your unique scenario which makes it that much more effective and flexible as an investment in a safer environment.

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