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  • Why is the Guardian Alert 911 one of the best medical alert systems available?

    By SureSafe Medical Alerts

    There has been a lot of progress in the medical alert system industry over the past two decades. In recent years the Guardian Alert 911 medical alert has become one of the most popular medical alert systems on the market. The Guardian Alert 911 is a non-monitored medical alert that is pre-programmed to dial the users local 911 dispatch in the event of an emergency. Easy to set-up, the alarm simply needs to be plugged into the power socket and phone line and it is ready to use.

    The Guardian Alert 911 was introduced to fill a very specific need in the market, and has done so very effectively. Let’s look at some of the history to understand just how useful the Guardian Alert 911 can be.

    Medical Alert System Industry History:

    Previously, the most common type of medical alert system were those that call central monitoring stations. The user would pay a monthly fee and should an emergency occur then the call would be answered by the call center. These were, and still are, great systems however with the average subscription fee being $35 per month these medical alert devices are beyond the financial reach of a large proportion of senior Americans.

    To cater for people who could not afford the monthly fees, the next type of medical alert system that gained popularity were non-monitored medical alert systems. These types of alarms do not have any monthly fees and do not require monitoring stations as the alarm unit can be programmed with between 3 and 5 telephone numbers of family and friends. When the wearer pushes the pendant, the alarm ‘auto-dials’ the friends and loved ones who are able to assist them.

    Again, non-monitored medical alert systems were, and still are, very useful alarms. However, they are not suitable for everyone as they require wearers to have a close-knit circle of family and friends that they can call on. This is where the Guardian Alert 911 found its niche. It is pre-programmed to dial the 911 operator at the touch of the alarm pendant button. The operator is always there so you never need to worry about the call going unanswered.

    The Guardian Alert 911:

    • A non-monitored medical alarm that dials 911 in the event of an emergency
    • The first medical alarm on the market with 2-way voice communication through the pendant
    • 600 ft. pendant range
    • Water resistant pendant for use in the bathroom
    • No monthly fees
    • No contracts
    • No need to rely on family and friends to help in the event of an emergency
    • Affordable peace of mind

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