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  • Cost-Effective Medical Alert Systems For Seniors

    By SureSafe Medical Alerts

    What once was the best medical alert system for seniors, may no longer be. Times change. Technology is advancing day by day. Have medical alert devices kept up with technological advances? SureSafe Medical Alerts does not think so, and here is why:

    Google ‘the best medical alert for seniors’ and you will get a lot of results. You will find a number of medical alarm suppliers and comparison sites offering a range of potential answers. Look closer and you will see the majority are offering very similar products with similar features.

    Most alert systems available today for senior citizens are very similar to those available 10 years ago. Wikipedia’s description of the devices being simple ‘box and button’ type alarms has not changed much for most providers. How much has your TV or cell phone changed in 10 years?

    Most products have a base station alarm that is triggered using a wireless pendant. The pendant can often be worn either around the neck, on the wrist or clipped to a belt. In the event of an emergency the user presses the alarm pendant which triggers the alarm.

    Once the alarm is activated, two-way communication is possible through the base station. Two-way voice communication means being able to talk to the person answering the call. This means that the user must fall next to, or very close to, the alarm base station to be able to talk to the person at the other end. What does this mean in the reality of an emergency situation?

    Let’s look at the facts:
    • 80% of falls happen in the bedroom or bathroom.
    • 75% of users place their alarm base station in the downstairs hallway or living room (where the main telephone line is).

    Most falls are happening away from where the base station is located. This means that most people falling cannot speak to their emergency responder. In 2014 should technology not be able to solve this issue? SureSafe Medical Alerts thinks so…

    Digital technology now means that people no longer need to worry about being near the medical alarm base station. The best medical alarm systems for seniors now come with 2-way voice communication possible through the pendant. This means that people can speak to the person answering the call from anywhere in the house. With pendants similar to a cordless digital house phone, users can even answer the telephone using their pendant. Talk and listen in crystal clear quality.

    Quick Tips for Choosing The Best Medical Alert System for Seniors:

    To be the best medical alert system for seniors…
    • the pendant should allow for 2-way voice communication (talk and listen). You should no longer need to be close to the base station.
    • the pendant should have digital quality voice communication throughout your home and yard. We suggest a minimum of 600 ft. range for the pendant.
    • it should give you the peace of mind that your call has been answered and help is on the way. That you can speak to the person on the other end until help arrives.
    • it should actively reduce the number of ‘false alarms’ by allowing the wearer to hear when they have activated their alarms.

    SureSafe Medical Alerts offers two products with digital quality 2-way voice communication through the pendant. The Guardian Alert 911 is designed to connect immediately with your local 911 dispatch at the touch of a button. The FreedomAlert can be programmed with 4 family and friends emergency contacts and/or 911. For the best alarm system for seniors see our product pages for more details.

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